1, 3, 5 Tan Sessions

These packages are great for trying our tanning beds and get a little bit of a base tan before a trip.

Image by Alex D'Alessio
12 Tan Sessions

One of the best for getting a solid base tan for summer.

Image by Drew Dau
100 Minutes

This package never expires! Also great for a solid base tan.

Image by Manny Moreno
1 and 3 Month Unlimited

Not only will you have a base, but an actual tan! Especially if you come in regularly.

Image by Tower Paddle Boards
6 Month Unlimited

You will be totally tan all summer long! No worries of tan lines or missed self tan spots.

Image by Antonio Gabola
1 Year Unlimited

Make your friends jealous all year long! Pasty winter skin, no where in sight!

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